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Connected Care: Leveraging Virtual Solutions to Build Capacity from Hospital to Paediatric Home and Community Care


Krista Keilty ,

Hospital for Sick Children, CA
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Stephanie Chu,

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Jessica Esufali,

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Kate Langrish,

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Sophia Lawson,

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Sandra McKay

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Accelerated by demands of the pandemic, Connected Care innovates across the paediatric health sector to leverage virtual solutions in addressing the pressing need for capacity building among home and community care (HCC) providers of children with medical complexity. Connected Care services supports a highly specialized and scarce paediatric home care workforce to deliver evidence-based nursing care when children transition from hospital to home. Family caregivers of children who depend on medical technology are integral to informing program development and guiding integration of new technologies and service lines.

Aims Objectives Theory or Methods

Virtual care delivered by Connected Care aims to promote confidence and competence among home care providers of children with medical complexity through uptake of standardized, paediatric best practice. Connected Care engages hospital and home care administrators, interprofessional providers, and family advisors to inform integration of emerging technologies, testing of new virtual solutions, and usability of Connected Care’s information technology platforms. Services delivered by Connected Care from hospital to home undergo continuous quality improvement and include: 1) nurse led- 24/7 eConsultative services, 2) virtual simulation-based nursing education, and 3) cross-sector interprofessional virtual visits.

Highlights or Results or Key Findings

Connected Care’s virtual community of practice has grown to include >800 homecare providers from >50 homecare organizations. In 2021, Connected Care will deliver >1000 paediatric virtual education sessions, across highly-accessible virtual platforms. The development of virtual simulation-based training modules for paediatric home ventilation have received very positive feedback among partners who describe appreciating the opportunity to practice their skills remotely. This year, Connected Care technologies will support remote access to >400 eConsultations and >1,500 self-directed resources. Consult types from homecare nurses vary with the majority reflecting their questions about medical technology trouble shooting. Real-time feedback indicates homecare nurses are highly satisfied with the eConsultation service giving it ‘thumbs up’ 99% of the time. Growth has been rapid in conduct of post- discharge virtual visits. In 2021, Connected Care will deliver >600 Virtual Visits bringing together hospital providers, family caregivers and homecare providers.


Demand for Connected Care continues to build, aligned with recovery of paediatric homecare workforce and transition care gaps heightened through and beyond the pandemic. Experience with implementation of technologies linking hospital to home and community signal a high rate of acceptance and usability among diverse end-users across the sector.

Implications for applicability/transferability sustainability and limitations

Connected Care is well positioned to innovate in the use of cutting edge technologies to promote system integration. Leveraging partnerships and sharing resources will promote best practice and be scaled to build capacity in delivery of paediatric home care across expanding partnerships and geographies.

How to Cite: Keilty K, Chu S, Esufali J, Langrish K, Lawson S, McKay S. Connected Care: Leveraging Virtual Solutions to Build Capacity from Hospital to Paediatric Home and Community Care. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2022;22(S2):106. DOI:
Published on 16 May 2022.


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