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Reading: Pre and Post Hospital Syndrome in MonashWatch?


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Pre and Post Hospital Syndrome in MonashWatch?


Carmel Martin ,

Monash Health, Melbourne, Victoria, AU
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Keith Stockman,

Monash Health, Melbourne, Victoria, AU
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Narelle Hinkley,

Monash Health, Melbourne, Victoria, AU
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Donald Campbell

Monash Health, Melbourne, Victoria, AU
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Post-hospital syndrome (PHS) is a state of increased vulnerability to ill-health in the 10 days post discharge, but what health states lead to admission?

This study investigates health profiles/symptoms 10 days before and after acute medical admissions in Monash Watch (MW) - a hospital telehealth pilot to optimize avoidable hospitalizations in those with predicted risk of 3+ hospitalizations using hospital algorithms.



Telecare guides conduct regular patient outbound phone calls. More alerts per call indicate greater risk. Total alerts represent general health, psychosocial and care issues. Red alerts represent medical symptoms and illness.

Design: A cohort study of MW subgroup of 103 admitted patients (total sample 233).

Data: Self-reported health profiles and alerts in 764 MW phone call records and acute (non-surgical) admissions data over a 6 month period

Analytics: Descriptive time series using homogeneity metrics with XLSTAT.


Fair to poor self-rated health was reported 10 days before until 5 days after admission. Moderate to severe pain and feeling depressed was reported from 10 days before to 10 days after admissions. Total alerts statistically increased 3 days before an acute admission and persisted for 10 days afterwards. Red alerts increased 1 day before admission and remained until 10 days after admission.


A pre-hospital phase of Post-Hospital Syndrome may exist, with high levels of significant symptoms, poor health, low mood and pain before medical admission, as well as afterwards. This pre-hospital phase needs further investigation and may allow better admission planning or the use of alternative approaches.

How to Cite: Martin C, Stockman K, Hinkley N, Campbell D. Pre and Post Hospital Syndrome in MonashWatch?. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;20(S1):171. DOI:
Published on 26 Feb 2021.


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