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Reading: The HOME Network: Key elements of success


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The HOME Network: Key elements of success


Josephine Sau Fan Chow

South Western Sydney Local Health District, Liverpool, NSW, AU
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Home dialysis has not only been shown to improve outcomes and quality of life for people with Chronic Kidney Disease, it also results in better use of healthcare resources. The successful resurgence of Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) is driven by a clear understanding of the structure of the PD team, patient and staff education, resources available and a business plan. 

Context and objective

In August 2009, the HOME Network was established as a national initiative to engage and empower healthcare professionals working in the home dialysis specialty.  The aim was to develop solutions to advocate for and ultimately increase the use of home therapies inclusive of PD.

Through a directed process of reflection and analysis of strengths, weaknesses and opportunities, the HOME Network has refined its vision and mission to identify solutions and strategies to promote and enhance home dialysis. Members are committed to driving outcomes aligned with the group’s renewed strategy and working towards achieving their overall vision and mission statement.

This paper will discuss the key strategic direction and outcomes achieved through the HOME Network.

Targeted population

The HOME Network included volunteer members of nurses, allied health and consumers.


The following are the key elements for success:

1.             Selection of membership

2.             Establishing the HOME Network’s identity

3.             Selection of appropriate projects and determine timelines

4.             Align and consult with stakeholders

5.             Preparation of bi-annual workshop

6.             Financial management and sustainability

7.             Leadership

8.             Collaboration with and dual membership of committees with similar goals

9.             On-going evaluation

Over 30 projects have been completed to date under the following focus areas and over $3.5Million of funding for projects and research studies in the area of:

•              Improved awareness, knowledge and training about home dialysis for healthcare professionals.

•              Early and ongoing education for patients about home dialysis as part of a standard model of care. This includes greater awareness and implementation of early and ongoing education for Australians with CKD.

•              Support for new initiatives and technologies that strengthen home dialysis utilisation as part of establishing flexible and innovative models of care that strengthen support for people on home dialysis including their carers.

Major milestones have been achieved. Like most great deeds, the success of the HOME Network requires knowledge, meticulous planning, capital investment, confidence and commitment of the nephrological team.


The model of the HOME Network can be easily transferred to other professional bodies nationally and internationally. 


The experience at the HOME Network presented here highlights the importance of a vision and thorough stakeholder engagement by senior clinicians who are passionate about home therapies.

How to Cite: Sau Fan Chow J. The HOME Network: Key elements of success. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;20(S1):182. DOI:
Published on 26 Feb 2021.


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