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Reading: The promise of partnership: towards better health and justice outcomes


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Workshop Abstracts

The promise of partnership: towards better health and justice outcomes


Tessa Boyd-Caine ,

Health Justice Australia, Sydney, NSW, AU
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Suzie Forell

Health Justice Australia, Sydney, NSW, AU
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The social determinants of health account for 75% of the factors affecting people’s health and many of these determinants lie beyond the health system. Similarly, the innovation of health justice partnership recognises that the solution to many health-harming problems lie beyond the health system, including through access to legal help at a time and place that patients are already engaged in care. But how do we measure the outcomes of legal help in a healthcare team or setting? How do we develop outcomes measures that speak both to access to justice and to improved health simultaneously? And most importantly, how do we ensure that the people these services work to support are involved in defining outcomes?

2. Aims and Objectives

Building on the ideas raised in the plenary on health justice partnership by Health Justice Australia’s Dr Tessa Boyd-Caine, this workshop will explore that value of multidisciplinary approaches to outcomes measurement. Participants will have the opportunity to test the unique and original set of shared indicators that have been developed to measure the outcomes of health justice partnership in terms of health and wellbeing; and to explore how the methodology to identify these indicators and the service objectives that have informed can be used in integrated settings.

The aim of the workshop is to identify,

i)              Shared interest in and value of these outcomes indicators;

ii)             Any gaps in terms of outcomes for integrated and partnership approaches; and

iii)            Opportunities to align these outcome indicators with other outcomes work across integrated care.

3. Target audience

Health practitioners, researchers and others interested in shared outcomes for integrated and collaborative service models. 

4. Learnings/Take away

How to advance the principles of partnership through outcomes measurement as well as service delivery.

5. Format (timing, speakers, discussion, group work, etc) 6. Preferred length (60 or 90 minutes)

60 minute session, involving 20 minutes of delivered content and 40 minutes of group workshopping ideas with participants.

How to Cite: Boyd-Caine T, Forell S. The promise of partnership: towards better health and justice outcomes. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;20(S1):203. DOI:
Published on 26 Feb 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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