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Reading: Addressing the needs of people over the age of 65 in Grudziadz (Poland): a model for a local...


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Workshop Abstracts

Addressing the needs of people over the age of 65 in Grudziadz (Poland): a model for a local integrated care solution


Anna Koziel ,

World Bank, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, PL
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Anna Król-Jankowska,

World Bank, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, PL
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Aleksandra Kononiuk

World Bank, Warsaw, Mazowieckie, PL
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Due to the growing demand, as well as their rising unit costs, services for the elderly are becoming an increasing burden on the budget of the health and social system. An assessment of the needs of the elderly in Grudziadz was carried out by us at the beginning of 2019 using quantitative and qualitative methods. The objective of these analyses was to tailor proposed solutions to the needs and aspirations of Grudziadz community as well as provide on-time solutions to real problems.  Based on that we have proposed  a model of coordinated care for persons above 65 in Grudziadz, which includes 4 main components:

1.             Establishment of the Senior Citizens' Office - a unit dealing with the planning, coordinating, monitoring and supporting health and social data gathering

2.             Establishing the function of an elderly care coordinator –  within the primary health care facilities, in cooperation with other facilities providing local and regional care for elderly

3.             Regular assessment of the health, well-being and independence status of elderly people, for the purpose of determining the scope and type of necessary care/assistance and provision of care plans accordingly to the assessed needs.

4.             Introduction of mechanisms of information transfer between health care and social assistance institutions about the state of health, needs and available services for elderly people

Aims and Objectives

The aim of the workshop would be to familiarize participants with the process of creating a local model of coordinated care for a selected city in Poland. This subject perfectly fits in with one of the conference themes: Integration of health and social care. Objectives:

1.             Providing information on the process required to be taken to determine the basic health and social needs of city citizens

2.             Providing information on the process required to be taken to establish the necessary components of the model of care coordination

3.             Familiarizing the participants with model components of integrated social and medical care selected for Grudziadz city (Poland)

4.             Discussion on the experiences and lessons learned during the whole process of model creation

Target audience

Representatives of primary health care facilities, social assistance facilities, ambulatory care facilities, NGOs, other providers of services for elderly people, such as; caregivers; insurance and health fund representatives, public health specialists, patients themselves.

Learnings/Take away

1.             A ready model of the coordinated social and medical care, possible for implementation at the local level.

2.             A ready path of proceedings in the field of creating a coordinated social and medical care local model.


Speakers: Anna Kozieł (Senior Health Specialist – World Bank); Anna Król-Jankowska (Consultant – World Bank), Aleksandra Kononiuk (Consultant – World Bank)

Group work: First, a joint discussion about the concept, then in 2 groups determining the components of the model suited to the needs of older people in Grudziądz, then a juxtaposition of all ideas with the model developed by us (World Bank representatives)

How to Cite: Koziel A, Król-Jankowska A, Kononiuk A. Addressing the needs of people over the age of 65 in Grudziadz (Poland): a model for a local integrated care solution. International Journal of Integrated Care. 2021;20(S1):207. DOI:
Published on 26 Feb 2021.
Peer Reviewed


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